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Testimonials | Edelweiss Leadership Solutions
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There is no better way to guage the quality of my work than by asking current and previous clients about the impact I had on their own professional careers, their teams, or their organizations. Below is a smattering of feedback I have received to date.

Edelweiss Leadership Solutions was instrumental in leading my organization through a critical change management initiative. Marina made implementing the Prosci ADKAR change model look easy, and successfully took my team through a prickly internal systems change process. Honestly, I’m not sure how well the change effort would have gone without her expertise. And I’m glad I didn’t have to find out! Matthew J. Holicek

President, Create Media, Inc.

Marina’s skillful coaching helped me define my core leadership strengths and longer-term vision. She empowered me to look at my professional challenges through a variety of lenses, ultimately guiding me to very meaningful insights and solutions.

Marina helped me understand myself more accurately, gain clarity on how to best play to my professional strengths, and design a long-term roadmap. Marina’s purposeful questioning and gentle prodding helped lead me to solid decisions. I am a better leader today because of her coaching.

Wendi Shelton

Former Director of Special Projects, Fortune 500 Company

Marina’s direct yet warm communication style immediately resonated with me at the outset of our coaching work together.

The effectiveness of her structured executive coaching program allowed me to explore my past professional narratives and courageously re-imagine how a new leadership career path can, and should, evolve. Her skilled questioning enabled me to re-envision my passions and experiment with the framing of my self-imposed limitations in a way that has liberated my thinking as an individual and as an organizational leader.

Marina’s refined coaching skills have had an immeasurable and positive impact on the way I now approach complex decisions and leadership choices. Brian C. Jones

Managing Director, 3-C Labs, Inc.

Marina is passionate about, and highly effective at, helping people navigate the complexities of their leadership journey – especially through her unique and informed perspectives on intercultural and inter-generational connections.

Whether you are looking to navigate these complex unique business and leadership perspective, or simply need an experienced consultant, business executive, and focused partner to help you take your personal and professional skills to the next level, I highly recommend you reaching and exploring your goals with her.Marina’s thoughtful perspectives, questions, probes, challenges, support, and accountability strategies have helped me make significant positive changes that I can see and measure. Bruce H. Jackson

Executive Director, Institute of Applied Human Excellence

Coaching with Marina has facilitated my professional growth with timely insights that have helped me build a stronger foundation for my career moving forward.  Marina’s coaching strengths include a strong client-centered focus and wonderful empathetic listening skills. Marina excels at clarifying goals, shining light on and addressing any fears that may be impeding progress, and laying the groundwork for actively moving forward more confidently.

Anyone seeking to grow their emotional intelligence and interpersonal communications skills, should definitely take the opportunity to work with Marina!

Elaine Jacques

Executive Director, Former Director of Speech Pathology

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