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The Beginning.

by | Apr 6, 2018 | General Interest

Before You Start…

Notice how there was no annoying pop-up box asking you to subscribe to this site as soon as you landed here. That’s because I don’t like getting hit with those every time I read a blog page and don’t want to subject you to that either. That said, connecting with you does matter to me. If you enjoyed this post, please subscribe to receive notifications of them to right or in the green box at the bottom of the post. I promise I won’t spam you.

I write to engage and connect with others. If you have opinions or comments about this page, please leave a comment below.


Starting a blog is a lot of work (and fun). There is the technical side of the blog, the planning side, the writing side, all demanding time and attention. But here I am. And here you are.


Consider this a formal invitation to read my first blog entry below to learn a little about me, what I will be writing about, why, how often – and why you should take time out of your busy day to care.

The Objective.

My goal is to proactively deliver high-quality information, suggestions and tools to experienced professionals seeking a trusted source of content focused on leadership development in the most forward-thinking and pressing areas of global leadership. Priority will be given to topics related to emotional intelligence and professional communications because those are my areas of greatest expertise and value to you. Plenty of other topics will be explored…see below.

The Style.

Many blogs are quite informal. They are written to appeal to the soundbite culture we have created and now demand. To draw large audiences, sentences must be short and written in simple, easy language. I am not against short, simple language. Many times, I prefer a quick snapshot just as much as the next person. My style might be a little bit different than that at times. For the most part, it will be professional, and at times even academic. Sometimes it will be informal and I may even try a hand at some humor. My assumption is that my audience is well educated and has an attention span that exceeds 30 seconds. I will simply write in the style that strikes me at the time, and while I hope that you like it, I recognize that in some instances, you might not.

The Frequency.

As a brand new blogger, I have done plenty of research on the ideal frequency for uploading new content. The general rule of thumb is simple: the more frequent, the better. I read quite a few comments to the effect of “best to stay top of mind and in front of your readership” and “don’t make your readers come search for new content.” I understand that. Many of my topics, however, will require quite a bit of research and planning, and I have a full-time job so my research and writing takes place off-hours. Plus, I respect your time too much to write whatever I can just to send you new entries on a pre-defined schedule. So, all of that said, I plan on sharing a new blog every two weeks, give or take. My focus is on quality, not quantity. I am toying with the idea of writing about short “musing” topics on alternative weeks and have more a weekly cadence…we’ll see how that develops.

Every good blogger understands the importance of adding visual images to break up the monotony of the text…even new ones like me. So here is a photo to keep you interested and scrolling…

The Need.

Is there really a “need” for one more person’s opinion on leadership topics? No. The leadership field is entirely saturated with experts. Many of them have best-selling books with catchy acronyms and an X-step process that help you become a better boss, or a better organizational leader, or a better strategic thinker. There is a lot of value in their work, which I benefit from as much as the next person. So while there is no “need” for yet another blog in this saturated field, I will add my voice to the mix by contributing content that is relevant to global and future-focused leaders.

The Topics.

While researching best practices for new blogs, I learned that in order to be an influencer, I need to bring my own unique point of view to the table. I need to create new, compelling content, and explore unchartered territories in my areas of expertise. I agree with that. One of most fulfilling aspects of writing is that it encourages new ideas and concepts to emerge. On the other hand, I see positive value in engaging with people and ideas that already exist in ways that do not create new content, but rather highlight established innovation in some way. As such, in addition to sharing my own original ideas, I will also write book reviews, conduct video or written interviews with industry leaders, compile lists of helpful resources, offer “how to” guides, and provide other resources based on the genius of others. And while my content will focus mostly on professional topics, I will also venture off into personal musings when I feel driven to do so. All of that said, I will share content in the areas I am most passionate about, including:

  • The importance and impact of emotional intelligence at work
  • How to build professional communication behaviors that nurture trust and influence
  • Generational differences and their impact on the workplace
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring
  • Intercultural challenges in a professional context
  • How workforce automation is changing work as we know it
  • The impact of the growing contingent workforce
  • How to manage change in organizations
  • Building successful virtual teams
  • Global management, industry trends, and general business trends

The Formats.

My repetoire of content will be varied and hopefully engaging, and always informational. Blog formats will include:

  • Focused topic articles
  • Book reviews
  • Current statistics and trend reviews
  • Video interviews
  • Written interviews
  • Tips and tools guides
  • How-to Guides
  • Case Studies
  • Helpful Resource Review and Rankings

The Author.

The About Me page on this site provides plenty of details on my professional background, my educational accomplishments, my global experience and perspective, and my many certifications and credentials that help me be one of the best in my field. In celebration of this “inaugural edition” of my newly created blog, I will share a few additional random things about me:

  • I am most comfortable in groups where I hear a number of foreign accents
  • I am fearless when it comes to speaking different languages
  • I am an avid and lifelong learner dedicated to continuous improvement
  • I bring my entire self to all that I do – I don’t put on a stuffy business hat when I interact with clients and then “let loose” when the work day is over
  • I have been a vegetarian for over 23+ years. Just a personal factoid…

Before You Go…


If you enjoyed this post, please subscribe to receive notifications of them at the top right of this page or in the green box below. I promise I won’t spam you.

I write to engage and connect with others. If you have opinions or comments about this page, please leave a comment below.

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